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Automatic turning

High-precision automatic turning for your needs

At Värnamo Automatsvarvning, we offer first-class automatic turning, adapted to meet your specific needs. Our advanced machinery and experienced employees ensure that we can deliver both simple and complex details with high precision and quality.

Years of experience


What is Automatic Turning?

Automatic turning is a machining method where material is removed from a workpiece by rotating it against a tool. This enables the production of cylindrical and complex shapes with high precision and efficiency. The method is particularly suitable for large volumes and repetitive tasks.

Our Capacities in Automatic Turning

  • Measurement range: We handle workpieces with a diameter from 4 mm up to 65 mm. This wide measurement range means that we can manufacture a large variety of components.


  • Materials: We work with a variety of materials to meet your requirements, including:
    ◦ Steel
    ◦ Stainless steel
    ◦ Brass
    ◦ Aluminum
    ◦ Plastic

Benefits with our Automatic Turning Services

Additional services for a Complete Solution

In addition to automatic turning, we offer several complementary services to meet all your needs:

  • Heat treatment: To improve strength and wear resistance.


  • Surface treatment: To improve appearance and corrosion resistance.


  • Grinding: For precise shape and surface smoothness.


  • Marking: For traceability and identification.


  • Packing: For safe and organized delivery.


  • Assembly: To deliver finished and functional products.

Our Satisfied Customers

We are proud to have delivered high quality automatic turning services to prominent companies such as Scania, Atlas Copco and Etac. Their trust in our work is proof of our expertise and commitment to quality.

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